Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Paul Noonan and Lisa Hannigan Create a Magical Duet

Have you ever heard a song that makes you stop and give in to a solid, focused listen? Those are often the best song-discovery moments - the ones that create a mindfulness in the listening, instead of just having some background music on. This song is that.

A soft, lovely, tune made up of a duet with Bell X1's frontman Paul Noonan and songstress Lisa Hannigan, it is a song that will transport and make you forget silly things like deadlines or that 3pm meeting or whether you remembered to pick up the drycleaning. It is, simply, exquisite.

"Apparatchik" is off the forthcoming side project of Paul Noonan, "Printer Clips." Coming out in May, "Printer Clips is a set of duets Paul did with artists like Hannigan, Martha Wainwright, Gemma Hayes and many more.


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Want to learn more about Lisa Hannigan? (I'll answer that for you: yes, you do) Find more on her website and on iTunes below.

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