Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Coldplay Posts Another New Song, "Oceans"

Coldplay has been releasing lots of new music recently in anticipation of their forthcoming album "Ghost Stories" (out next month), much of which has taken a decidedly different turn than their last two albums. While I hesitate to say Coldplay is 'going in a completely new direction' or 'stepping away from their comfort zone,' it does seem like there have been some shifts within the songs they've released thus far. Seemingly much less anthemic and attempting to be larger-than-life than albums like "Mylo Xyloto," these new songs are showing more experimentation (see "Midnight") while also tapping back into the colder, simplistic and melancholic sounds they displayed on earlier albums like "Parachutes."

I agree with Michael Nelson at Stereogum that this is probably a stripped down version of what we'll get on the album (although I hope not...the beauty of this track right now is in its overt restraint).  But while I agree with that assessment, I do disagree with the seemingly shocked way Michael Nelson stated, "let's admit it, Coldplay are actually a really good band." I'm not sure when it became uncool to like Coldplay, but I guess I should be glad they are falling back into everyone's good graces...anyway, off my soapbox. Their new song, "Oceans," is below. What do you think?

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