Friday, April 11, 2014

Coachella Live Stream Up All Weekend

For those of you who didn't want to brave a long flight to LA followed by a long drive to the middle of the desert to see some great music, the good folks at Coachella have put up a live feed of the festival all weekend. So fear not, non-festival going, Coachella-diet-eschewing, and fake-band-name-knowing folks, you can sit back and watch all weekend from the comfort of your couch....for...Couchella? (Is that a thing? If not, it should be).

UPDATE 4/11 4:38pm: It IS a thing! God bless the internet.

Anyway, watch below all weekend. You can switch between three different feeds so you don't miss anything, and as an added bonus the video and audio are high quality, so you won't have to rely on bad video posts post-Coachella filled with more screaming crowd audio than music. You can actually hear the music here, all without having to wait in line for a port-o-potty.


Channel One:

Channel Two:

Channel Three:

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