Friday, February 14, 2014

New U2 "Invisible" Video and Donate to (RED)

It's Valentine's Day, which means everyone is looking for love songs and posting Valentine's Day mixes. I, on the other hand, am spending the day watching one video over and over again. U2's brand spankin-new single, "Invisible," now has a stellar black and white visual feast in the new music video posted this week.

The tune itself has a little more edge - both The Edge's trademark guitar and an overall edginess in the sound itself thanks to influences like Kraftwerk and The Ramones - which is all eloquently balanced with the lyrics. In a recent BBC interview, Bono talks about writing "Invisible" about his experiences leaving home and trying to get the band off the ground, but the lyrics could also take on a broader context given Bono's charity work. It's the kind of dual-meaning lyrics that the man with the rose colored glasses does so well, whether he intends to or not. Lyrics like, "I'm more than you know, I'm more than you see here" and "there is no them, there's only us" could just as easily be about any of the millions of people Bono's (RED) charity helps. So in the spirit of this holiday, and in taking those lyrics to heart, consider donating to this remarkable organization.

There is no them, there's only us.

Check out the new video below.

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