Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New Coldplay Song - "Midnight"

Coldplay hasn't released a full album sine 2011 (Mylo Xyloto) and although they released a single for The Hunger Games (Atlas), they've been lying pretty low these last few years. Apparently while the band hasn't been very public as of late, they have been quietly working away enough to pull a Beyonce and drop a new single today without any warning.

"Midnight" has already garnered comparisons to a Bon Iver sound, which is true to some extent- the heavy use of autotune a la Bon Iver's "Woods," an overarching ethereal quality, and a haunting resonance. But there's also a deeper, urgent electro pop base that drives the song, complete with the transformation into a club vibe towards the end. Just as quickly as this builds, though, it recedes back leaving us with the autotuned vocals of Chris Martin. Check it out below or on YouTube/Vevo.

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