Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Best List of Best Of Lists

There are a lot of lists touting the best songs of 2013 or the best albums of 2013 or the best covers of 2013, and frankly, it can get to be impossible to keep track of it all, let alone remember to go back and listen to each one. Each list is always just a little different than the last, save for the standards that show up on everyone's ("Song for Zula" ahem), so while there are a lot of lists, there are also a lot of really really really good songs and albums on these lists. 2013, lest we forget so quickly, was a fucking awesome year for music. So while we await the new crop of 2014 releases (no pressure, 2014 releases, no pressure) here is a list of the lists out there. This should keep your ears busy into the new year. Add any I've missed and happy list-ening.

Well done, 2013.


In case you missed it, here are my favorite albums of 2013 and my favorite songs of 2013

Best Songs

Best Albums

Other Awesome Lists

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