Friday, August 23, 2013

Hockey Performs

Once in awhile a new band comes along that turns out to actually be not-so-new, but simply just new-to-me. These kinds of musical discoveries are sometimes my favorite, given the immediate gratification obtained by being able to sift through an entire catalogue of an artist I haven't heard before. This was the case when I first heard Portland band Hockey on Daytrotter. Hockey is a band with a wide breadth of sounds, making each song a new discovery. Sometimes they focus on a synth - indie sound like on "Wild Style" from their current album, "Wyeth IS," and sometimes on a funky guitar groove and electronic vibes, as on "Calling Back." Then sometimes, they slow it down enough to create a more intimate, emotional layer. The band recently stopped by The Wild Honey Pie for a Buzzsession and performed three songs, including "Thought I Was Changing," a song off of "Wyeth IS" that is made even more intimate in this setting, with a more subdued backdrop and more ethereal instrumentation. Check out the video below, and the rest of the performance (including a performance of "Wild Style" using tubes as instruments...just check it out) over at The Wild Honey Pie.

Check out more from Hockey below:

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