Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New Song and New Album From Mazzy Star

Last year, I left for vacation and came back expecting to have to shuffle through my inbox and blog feeds, surely to be overwhelmed by the amount of amazing quality music that the music gods had released while I was gone. Instead, I came back to this:

This year, however, my return from vacation has gone much better with the the music gods releasing some new music from Mazzy Star. Coming out with their first new album in 17 freaking years, they've released a teaser on YouTube that stays true to the original Mazzy Star formula, with Hope Sandoval's melancholic vocals floating atop bittersweet guitar strumming, making for a hauntingly gorgeous song.

After 17 years the echoing guitars and aching quality that permeates their music still resonates and drives this first single, "California," aptly named as it has the same soft bittersweet guitar as Led Zepplin's "Going to California." Somehow taking a happy, sunny place and giving it a melancholic aura, the single is also a great reminder of how timeless their sound is. The new album, "Seasons of Your Day" is out September 24th. Listen to "California" below. (via Pretty Much Amazing)

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