Friday, June 21, 2013

Songs for Summer Solstice - An imnotsleeping Summer Mix

Even though we generally think of Memorial Day Weekend as the official kick off to summer, there is something about today, June 21st. The official first day of summer. The longest day of the year.

The summer solstice.

The summer solstice, in all its balmy, fragrant glory - at least here in Southern California, where the heady jasmine is at its peak and the jacaranda trees are shedding their final purple blooms. The summer solstice is the true beginning of the glory of what a magical thing summer can be. Long sunny days with cool ocean breezes, a carefree bike ride up the coast, a BBQ with friends at the park or in your backyard, the waning humidity of dusk, and nights that hold an electricity within their calm, cool reprieve. A season that demands the full utilization of every one of our senses demands the proper soundtrack. Here's the imnotsleeping summer 2013 mix - Songs for Summer Solstice.

Happy summering.

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