Friday, June 28, 2013

Music Stuff on the Internet - Volcano Choir, Dawes, Foals, Surfer Blood, Josh Rouse, Junip

Justin Vernon is continuing in his Jack White-esque quest for record number of side projects, but that's OK because his side projects bring us beautiful songs like this one.  There's no Bon Iver falsetto, but who cares - in this ambitious track we have all the emotional threads we need. (via The Wild Honey Pie, who calls it "melancholic triumphalism.")
Off Volcano Choir's upcoming album "Repave" out in early September.

Dawes recently stopped by Letterman and performed "Most People," one of my personal favorites off of "Stories Don't End." I'm not sure if it's Taylor Goldsmith's crazy hair, but there seems to be a little extra oomph in this performance. They sound fantastic. Check it out. (via Rolling Stone)

Foals recently performed for KEXP in Seattle, which is on a roll lately (check out the recent Daughter performance here).  They keep the roll going with a fantastically subdued Foals performance.

Oh, and hey looky here....another awesome video performance from KEXP, this time from Surfer Blood. For you SoCal locals, Surfer Blood is playing the Twilight Concert Series at the Santa Monica Pier in about two weeks on Thursday, July 11 - the perfect locale for their surfer rock/pop vibe.

As if public radio doesn't already dominate the music airwaves, KCRW recently had Josh Rouse stop by their studios for an intimately soothing performance of "Simple Pleasures" off his new album, "The Happiness Waltz."

Pitchfork recently had Junip on hand who performed a sonically lush rendition of "Walking Lightly."

And last but not least, more "Best Albums of 2013 (so far)" lists have made their way out. You can check out a compilation of Best Albums of 2013 lists here (including the imnotsleeping Best Albums of 2013 (so far) list).

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