Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Watch: Laura Marling and Eddie Berman Cover Dancing In The Dark

I may be a little heavy on the Laura Marling these days, but in anticipation of her forthcoming album (Once I Was an Eagle out May 28th) I just can't help myself.  Ever since being introduced to her music I have been enamoured with the British singer-songwriter's experienced vocals and wise lyrics...that come from a 23 year old who uses her pristine voice to sing as though she's seen it all.  While we've been teased these last few weeks with drips and drops from her new album, this little tidbit is just an added, beautiful bonus.  Aside from the fact that I love covers, I particularly love covers that are unexpected (which I suppose is sort of the inherent beauty of a cover song).  This cover tackles none other than Bruce Springsteen- a lofty task on its own- and takes a song that already has that yearning quality to it and adds in another layer of quiet, echoed wistfulness.  Adding in the element of a duet with LA singer-songwriter Eddie Berman lends an entirely different quality to the song.  He brings a country twang and a low register that pairs seductively against Laura's softer, sadder vocals; she changes the tone by making a few simple melodic changes, especially with her inflection on the lyrics "wanna change my clothes, my hair, my face" taking a line Bruce sung with ferocity and singing it with heartfelt melancholy, creating a captivating cover.

For more on Laura Marling and her recent move from England to LA, check out this Gaurdian article.

(via twentyfourbit where you can also find the soundcloud)

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