Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The National: Stream The New Album Now

In case you missed it in the Twittersphere yesterday, The National is currently streaming their most recent album Trouble Will Find Me (not out till May 21st) for free in its entirety over at iTunes. With their first album since 2010's High Violet, at first listen its full of booming textures and that get-under-your-skin, melancholic, resonant quietness they do so well that makes them equally as appropriate to listen to on a run, in your car, or in your room with your headphones.  Which is exactly where you're going to want to listen to this album, over and over and over again.  For now though, you can only stream via your computer or iPad, so unless you run with a laptop or drive with an iPad, get settled in at home and have a listen. Check it out for free over at iTunes and preorder below.

Click here or go to the iTunes store homepage and browse through the bricks at the top to find The National.

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