Friday, May 10, 2013

Stuff I'm Listening To - an imnotsleeping playlist

Gypsy & The Cat - Bloom
Australia's Gypsy & The Cat is out with a new album The Late Blue (you can read my review over at Pretty Much Amazing here) which is full of electro-pop goodness for the most part, but this track stood out the most to me as a throw back to bands like The Cure and New Order.

Atlas Genius - If So
In keeping with the Australian theme, new band Atlas Genius out of Adelaide kind of nails it with their most recent track, a super catchy, fairly pop-py and sublimley dance-y tune off their new album When It Was Now.

Laura Marling - Master Hunter
I am beyond excited for Laura Marling's new album Once I Was an Eagle to come out on May 28th, but until then she's give us these teasers, including "Master Hunter" below.

Rhye- The Fall & Open
This duo (Mike Milosh and Robin Hannibal) recently released their debut album, Woman, an album full of soft catchy grooves all led by Milosh's dreamy, shy and higher ranged vocals.

Everytime & Bad Habit - Foals
English indie rockers Foal released their third album Holy Fire in February of this year, which houses these two Local-Natives-ish tracks.

Natalie Maines - Without You  & Take It On Faith
Natalie is out with her debut solo album Mother this week (read my review here) and both of these tracks are standouts.  "Without You" is a rock-country cover version of an Eddie Vedder track off his Ukulele Songs album and "Take It On Faith" is a heavier toned song off the album that highlights Natalie's vocal strength and illustrates perfectly the effect having Ben Harper as a producer had on her first solo foray.

Daughter - Youth
Daughter's debut album, If You Leave was released in March and is full of echoed wistfulness, thanks to soft guitar production and clear vocals.  Its a gorgeous album, and this track is especially haunting.

Iron and Wine - The Trapeze Singer
I am forever obsessed with Iron & Wine, and recently saw Sam Beam at the Grammy Museum in LA do an interview, Q&A, and then perform for the lucky 200 or so of us in attendance. All he had was his guitar, and the version he sang of this song just got right under my skin.  The recording doesn't do it justice.

The Airborne Toxic Event - The Fifth Day
In a track that differs significantly from other Airborne Toxic Event songs off their new album Such Hot Blood, I dig the male-and-female vocals.  You can read my review of Such Hot Blood here

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