Friday, May 17, 2013

Glen Hansard: Italy

Its no secret how I love Glen Hansard, with his hard guitar strumming and even harder passionate vocals that also manage to be melodic in an old folk tale kind of way.  He sings in such a way that makes you feel he's telling you a story, keeping you captivated till the page turns, and let's face it- no one tells stories better than the Irish.  Couple that with his trademark busker's style of singing for every dollar and you've got yourself one hell of a performance.  Film maker Myles O'Reilly was able to somehow capture that very essence in the below short film, which follows Glen on tour in Italy.  Glen's debut solo album Rhythm And Repose was one of my very favorites from last year and continues to be- its one of the few albums I keep on hand, there for whenever I feel the need to call it up.  You'll hear some of the songs off of Rhythm And Repose in this film, as well as catch glimpses of sing-a-longs and group performance parties (really, there's no other word for it) on the road. Watch below (via Paste):

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