Friday, April 5, 2013

What I'm Listening To- A Playlist

Mt. Washington - Local Natives
Ever since I saw Local Natives live at SXSW, I have been obsessed with their new album Hummingbird.  Its one of those albums that gets better and better and more complex with each listen.  The other day this track suddenly popped its head out at me and is quickly becoming one of my favorite tracks off the album. Local Natives were also recently on World Cafe, check it out here.

Sun Arise! - Phosphorescent
This is a fantastic album opener, setting the tone for the rest of Muchacho's ethereal rock vibe.  Normally ethereal does not translate all that well live, but Phosphorescent nailed it at SXSW, keeping this new album on heavy rotation.

Sandstone - The Last Bison
While doing a review on their new album, Inheritance, for Life Is Awesome, I kept coming back to this song.  Inheritance is an album full of robust sounds, and this one kept coming up as a softer version of the passion displayed throughout the album. (Check out my review here and an amazing video of The Last Bison doing a folk cover of M83's "Midnight City" here).  The Last Bison were also recently on World Cafe, check that out here.

Up Against The Wall- Fiction Family
I'm not sure where I first heard this, but the infectious country-esque twang coupled with the slightly raspy vocals of front man Jon Foreman in a manner slightly remnant of The Fray were immediately irresistible.

Joy To You Baby- Josh Ritter
Not seeing Josh Ritter at SXSW is one of my few regrets, especially since his new album The Beast in its Tracks is so poignant.  With its gentle, bittersweet sway, this song is a microcosm of that poignancy.

Knock Knock - Band of Horses
A very different sound from some of Band of Horses' typical charmed instrumentation.  Simply put, its just a good old fashioned rock song (off Mirage Rock).

Think You Can Wait- The National
Just hurry up and release your new album already, The National. (Trouble Will Find Me out May 21st). I can't freaking wait.

The Ceiling- The Wild Feathers
Either the search function on Spotify really is that bad, or these guys aren't on Spotify for some reason (or iTunes?). But they have a new album coming out soon hopefully, as they've just signed with Warner.  (Hey Warner, put them on Spotify!).

Time Won't Let Me Go - The Bravery
Its a bit of a throwback (if 2007 is throwback?) but one of those tracks I kind of forgot about.  With a brit-pop retro new wave sound, they've supposedly got a new album in the works for release this year.

All I Want - Kodaline
Kodaline is an Irish band currently out with their first EP, aptly titled The Kodaline EP and have their debut album In A Perfect World set for release in June of this year. They've got a pop folk rock kind of vibe- expect to hear more of them.

Free at Dawn- Small Black
This was a band I discovered completely by accident at SXSW while at Stubbs BBQ waiting for another act. Instead I heard these guys and found this track, an electro-indie pop song with a satisfying tone.

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