Friday, April 26, 2013

Stuff I'm Listening to - An imnotsleeping Playlist

Bloodflood (Acoustic)- Alt J
In an acoustic version of this song, Alt-J still manages to capture the unique chill ambiance from the original version, but with a stripped down sound- not necessarily an acoustic sound in the traditional sense, just stripped down.

Ohio - Patty Griffin
Sometimes there just isn't much you can say about a song except, holy smokes.  This is one of those songs.  Patty Griffin pairs her faraway folk feel with Robert Plant, making this one helluva stellar track, off her forthcoming album (May 7th) American Kid.

Agape - Bear's Den
One of the last non-crappy radio stations in America (88.5 KCSN in Los Angeles) introduced me to this one.  Off the band's EP also called Agape, the song has a sort of acoustic based, voluminous sound that's coupled with contemplative lyrics and vocals.

Lord Knows - Dum Dum Girls
This song was recently on the Spring Mix from Music For Ants did (they do seasonal mixes and they are ridiculously amazing, check them out in their sidebar) and its been in my head since, off of 2012's End of Daze album.

Hustler - Josef Salvat
I found this one on Indie Shuffle, and I don't know much about Josef Salvat (yet), but I know this haunting song gets under my skin, and I can't shake it.

Ceilings - Local Natives
Simply because I am physically unable to get through one week without having this entire album on repeat.  I'm telling you...this Just go get it already.

When My Time Comes - Dawes
While listening to lots of Dawes in order to write their Tuesday Listening, this song presented itself once again.  From their debut album North Hills, its a great microcosm of what makes Dawes so great - Solid melodies and even better storytelling.

The Woodpile - Frightened Rabbit
Off of their recent album out in February, Scottish band Frightened Rabbit knocks it out of the park with this soaring track.

The Pursuit of Happiness - Ben Sollee
I've been listening to a lot of this travelling cello-ist folky singer-songwriter since SXSW (check out his interview with World Cafe, its fascinating) and this song is a bit different than some of his other tracks with a bit more of a rockabilly vibe.  Granted, none of his songs sound alike, hence his appeal.

Embrace - Ben Sollee
Simply, a beautiful way to end the playlist.

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