Monday, March 4, 2013

Cool Music Stuff on the Internet - Iron & Wine, Airborne Toxic Event, Night Beds and more

Last week I was all excited about some new Iron & Wine tracks that had found their way to the interwebs...aaand I'll just go ahead and stay excited, because it just keeps coming. Ghost on Ghost's release on April 16th can't come soon enough.  (Although these track releases help)

Here's "Grace for Saints and Ramblers":

Airborne Toxic Event has been a favorite of mine since their debut album (2008's The Airborne Toxic Event) which housed the quintessential heartbreak song, "Sometime Around Midnight".  Their 2011 follow up, All At Once, was also a standout, which makes me very excited for their third effort, Such Hot Blood, out on April 16th. They recently released a new track ("The Storm")  on Soundcloud, giving us a glimpse of what's to come on the new record. Hint: more awesomeness. Check it out:

Phosphorescent came out with the lovely track "Song for Zula" a couple of months ago, in what quickly became a song I had on repeat and listened to every time I heard it on the radio or online.  Phosphorescent is actually Matthew Houck, and the new album (Muchacho) is out March 19th.  NPR music is currently streaming it in its entirety, so check it out now before it goes away:

As an added bonus, here's Phosphorescent doing a Tiny Desk Concert in the NPR offices:

I am OBSESSED with Night Beds right now. Here's a little gem from Songs for the Day:

Side note to this, I only recently found out about the Classroom Sessions at LHS.  And suddenly I find myself wishing I went to high school in Kansas.  You can find out more about these amazing sessions here. And while you peruse their site, here's another one of my favorite LHS performances:

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