Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New Tracks by Iron & Wine

It would have been nice for Iron & Wine to release their next album, Ghost on Ghost, during this long winter (believe it or not, it has been quite chilly and rainy in Los Angeles) to warm us up on some of the cold and snowy nights (depending where you are). There is something so wonderfully comforting and cozy about Sam Beam's vocals that are just perfect for cold January and February nights.  We're going to have to wait until April 16th for the full album, but thankfully, they've been dripping out singles here and there to give us a bit of Sam Beam warmth to see us through these final long nights of winter.

Aside from the recently shared track "Lover's Revolution", our ears are graced with more: the video below of "Caught in the Briars", and another track not from the album (sadly, because it is beautiful), "The Waves of Galveston". Get cozy, and have a listen.  "The Waves of Galveston" is my favorite so far, with a wistful longing backdrop in the guitar playing.  You can listen to that track via:

this page on Pitchfork
download here
or on Spotify here: Iron & Wine – The Waves of Galveston

(Trust me, its worth the extra click).

As an added bonus, while watching Iron & Wine on youtube I stumbled upon this video from an NPR Tiny Desk Concert awhile back, with 17+ minutes of Iron & Wine:

Stock up on earlier stuff here:

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