Friday, January 18, 2013

New Year, New Music

Now that we are through the holiday period of lackluster, nonexistent new music that doesn't involve jingled bells of some kind, new albums and singles are slowly making their way out and getting things back to normal.   It can only be described as the equivalent to that first warmish day of spring when you can finally open your windows and let the fresh air in.  Here's some of the fresh air I'm breathing right now.

Most of the internet has probably already heard JT's new single by now, but just in case you have dial up or something, here it is, in all its Justin Timberlake glory.  He knows what he can do and he does it well on this single.  Its been so long since that velvety-yet-silky falsetto of his has graced my speakers that I almost forgot how good he is.  Acting, Saturday Night Live? Fine.  But this is what he does best.  Even better? He didn't withhold it from Spotify like so many of his peers have done this past year. Let's hope he's setting a trend and 2013 has fewer Spotify withholds.

On iTunes:

Jewel also released a new single this week, "Two Hearts Breaking". Its an incredibly radio-friendly, catchy and slightly pop-country single with Jewel's fantastic vocals carrying the whole thing, but it does make me nostalgic for folky, less produced earlier Jewel.  When it really was just her voice carrying the song, a la  Pieces of You and Spirit (my personal favorite).  You can hear the new single over at Rolling Stone, let me know what you think:

"Two Hearts Breaking" - Jewel (via Rolling Stone)

Old school Jewel on iTunes:

Ben Gibbard (of Death Cab for Cutie) recently released his first solo album, Former Lives (which is not on Spotify, but you can get it on iTunes below this video) including this gem.  Gibbard is joined on "Bigger Than Love" by Aimee Mann, who appeared with him on the Colbert Report recently.  Check it out (via Rolling Stone)

Pickwick has an album out in March (Can't Talk Medicine) and are offering up a bit of a tease with "Lady Luck", a cover from Richard Swift. Admittedly, I'd never heard either version and admittedly, I love them both.  Here's the original, followed by Pickwick's version (with help from Sharon Van Etten) (via Songs for the Day)

"Lady Luck" on iTunes:

One of my current "on repeats" right now is "Song for Zula" by Phosphorescent.  Its ethereal and lovely and the perfect song for winter.

"Song for Zula" on iTunes:

It also happens to be featured in NPR Music's All Songs Considered program, "2013 Winter Music Preview", which highlights lots of other great music coming up.  You can listen to the full program here:

NPR Music All Songs Considered

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