Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cool Music Stuff on the Internet- New Mumford & Sons, DMB, Avett Brothers, and Leonard Cohen with U2

Rolling Stone recently posted this 'video flashback' (which is actually more of an explanation than a flashback) showing how Leonard Cohen got his groove back by pairing up with U2 one night.  In the video, Cohen sings "Tower of Song" with Bono and crew, with the accompanying article outlaying the improbable return of Leonard Cohen (and his subsequent world tour) and how this video played a part in it.  You can read the article on Leonard Cohen at Rolling Stone here.
The Essential Leonard Cohen - Leonard Cohen

Mumford & Sons performed at Red Rocks as one of the last stops on their recent tour.  While we wait for the upcoming release of Babel (one more week, one more week), we get a little sneak peak with this video of "I Will Wait"...for the new album to come more more week.. (via Rolling Stone)
I Will Wait - Single - Mumford & Sons

Dave Matthews Band is out with a new album (Away From the World) and recently performed one of their new songs on Jimmy Kimmel. Here's the band playing "Mercy", off the new album (via COS).
Away from the World (Deluxe Version) - Dave Matthews Band

And last, not to sound like a broken record....but ALSO out with a new album (The Carpenter) and ALSO on Jimmy Kimmel, and ALSO (via COS), here's The Avett Brothers performing "February Seven":
The Carpenter - The Avett Brothers

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