Thursday, May 31, 2012

Even Better Than The Real Thing, Part Three

Covers, covers, covers...I could go on and fact, I have gone on and on about the beauty of a good cover (Here. Here. Here. and Here).  There's just something about hearing a familiar tune done a different way. Listening from a different angle often introduces themes and tones you never realized were there in the first place.  I've been picking up on lots of recent good covers lately.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Ryan Adams covers Danzig's "Mother"
Yes. You read that right. I swear, that is not a typo.  Ryan performed this acoustic version of the metal classic recently on his tour.  My favorite part of the audio are the "woooowwww"s that come from the audience as the realization of what song it is washes over them.  There is a lot of random background noise, which normally makes for terrible audio but in this case, it actually adds to the mystique of the cover.  Ryan's voice pierces through, showing off just how amazing his voice is, with his guitar subtly supporting in the background.  There's no video, just the random cat picture, and the occasional sound of a cough or footsteps adds to the sensation that you are there, part of the crowd, watching him perform.
(via Stereogum)

Willie Nelson and Sons cover Pearl Jam's "Just Breathe"
Willie and his sons recently visited the Sirius studios and performed this version of the Pearl Jam song- a song that is already robust with the Americana vibe, but, this being Willie Nelson, this version is even more so.  Willie's guitar adds this sudden extra layer that sounds complex but that he makes look simple in the video.  Its also an interesting take to hear/watch him perform with his sons, who he duets with on the vocals.  His son sounds eerily similar to Willie, making the vocals sound like the song is an homage to the younger and older Willies.
(via Stereogum)

Heroes - Willie Nelson

Iron & Wine Covers "One More Try" by George Michael
In a perfect example of why some covers really knock your socks off, a cover that sounds random turns out to make absolute.perfect.sense.
(via Pretty Much Amazing)

Laura Marling Covers "Whipping Post" by the Allman Brothers
In a bold move, Laura Marling takes on the southern rock stalwart with a funky, plucky acoustic take.  And it works- her voice is so clear and pristine it brings forth a different side of the song altogether.
(via twentyfourbit)
A Creature I Don't Know (Bonus Track Version) - Laura Marling

Fort Frances Covers "The Only Living Boy in New York" by Simon & Garfunkel
This is one of those covers that sounds as though they were trying to stay true to the original, except in being themselves it is completely different- its a little bit country, a little bit more loose- but it stands it own.
(via songsfortheday)

And last but not least, A Covers Mix, from songsfortheday
Somebody else loves covers as much as I do. This is amazing. As is songsfortheday.

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