Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mumford & Sons

Anyone who complains about the state of music today obviously has not given enough notice to the English folk "movement", spearheaded by Mumford & Sons.  (Those people also obviously don't read this blog enough either, but I digress).

Everyone knows how amazing and popular their first US album, Sigh No More was, and most fans are anxiously awaiting the follow up.  While rumor has it we'll have to wait till 2012, Mumford & Sons have been supplying a tease of great performances here and there.  Here are a few to whet your Mumford appetite.

Mumford & Sons are known for their raucous live performances, and in particular tend to take on a cover with as much gusto as a brand new song (and who doesn't love a good cover?).  There are just simply no words for the awesomeness of this performance of Mumford & Sons covering The National:
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World Cafe recently celebrated 20 years by "Saluting English Folk" with performances by the likes of Laura Marling and, you guessed it, Mumford & Sons: 
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Their music is music that makes you want to pull a pint, sit down, and listen to them jam in a dark crowded pub.  (Or have a pint with them).  I think its safe to say we can all officially be jealous of every man and woman who has ever seen them practice or play in an English pub. Because it would be like watching this happen:

In addition to playing covers, at festivals or shows, they also debuted a new song recently during their current US tour at a recent stop at a radio station in Philly.
Here's "Ghosts That We Knew" (via NME):

You can buy Mumford & Sons here:

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