Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Damien Rice Covers "One" by U2

We've recently been hearing lots about how Q Magazine is going to be coming out with an album of U2 covers, all from Achtung Baby.  We've also heard that as part of this, Damien Rice would be covering "One" and The Killers would be covering "Ultraviolet". We've already heard Jack White cover "Love Is Blindness" with pretty solid results, but personally I am stoked to hear Damien Rice and The Killers.  While we'll still need to wait a bit longer for The Killers, this week we have been blessed with Damien Rice's cover of "One".  And blessed is just about the most perfect word for a cover like this.  (And I love a good cover).

Damien Rice's "One" has an emphasis on the redemptive qualities of the song with his take- the piano arpeggio interspersed throughout lends itself to a more resolute quality, an unexpected turn.  Let's be clear, the original can't be touched, but this is a great example of how an artist can take another artists' piece and completely re-imagine it into their own.  Its incredibly simple, incredibly understated, and incredibly powerful.  It's incredibly..."One"...

One by u2mexico

Achtung Baby - U2

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