Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday Listening - Lindsey Buckingham

Last week I heard rumblings that a Fleetwood Mac reunion may not be too far off.   While one can hope for a reunion, we can currently be sustained with solo albums from band members.  Earlier this year, Stevie Nicks released her latest solo album, In Your Dreams, which many critics seemed to believe was her best solo work yet.  While I enjoyed some tracks on the album, I found myself going back to the first track, Secret Love, most often, in order to find that 'true Stevie-ness'.

This week, Lindsey Buckingham released his latest solo album, Seeds We Sow.  Once again I find myself going back to the first track (the title track, also called Seeds We Sow).  Each song on the album is unmistakably Buckingham, complete with fierce and furious picking and that recognizable Second Hand News voice (check out the track Rock Away Blind), but the first track is the most unobscured Buckingham to me.

Maybe I am just a Fleetwood Mac purist.  I'm a big fan of the solo works, but its hard to capture into solo works all the emotion and volatility this band has gone through.  It's near impossible to miss it in a Fleetwood Mac work.  The behind the scenes drama of Fleetwood Mac has been well documented (divorce of two members, breakups of the others, substance abuse, all while recording some of the greatest albums ever), and while it is staunchly in the past, you can't help but think of the history as you listen to them perform as a band.  Even more remarkable is that their journey as a band has continued despite these tribulations, adding to the allure of a reunion.

Until this supposed reunion occurs, however, we can enjoy Buckingham and Nicks. Just not together.  Check out Lindsey Buckingham's Seeds We Sow and some other tracks from this album HERE.

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