Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday Listening - Lady Antebellum

Some people seemed a bit baffled and surprised at the success of Lady Antebellum last year, with their hit Need You Now, but it seems pretty simple to me.  Listening to Lady Antebellum is like listening to yourself when you were 16 and in love/lust/breaking up/growing up/moving on/holding on for the first time.  Who hasn't been there? Everyone has.  Then you take a song like Need You Now where you add in a dash of drunk dialing, and come on, who hasn't been there?!

Lady A released their much anticipated new album this week, Own The Night.  Listeners won't be left aching for more angst, there's plenty of it.  Lady Antebellum works because they have an incredibly simple yet underutilized formula- a guy and a girl singing together, or to each other.  Instead of having just one singer, this formula takes the listener into the moment, as if we are watching these two tortured people in a room together singing these raw and true emotions to one another.  Just a Kiss is a continuation of this winning formula:

While there are lots of great tracks on the new album that cater to Lady A's country-specific side (check out Friday Night & We Own the Night) they don't abandon what's helped get them to this point.  The winning formula comes full circle on this album.

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