Monday, September 5, 2011

Cool Music Stuff on the Internet- Laura Marling, Temple of the Dog, Bon Iver, The National

Have you ever discovered a new artist, only to find they are not only NOT new, but also suddenly ubiquitous? This is what's happening with me and Laura Marling.  I've only recently discovered her, so perhaps that's why she seems to be everywhere at once, or maybe it's because of her new album's publicity machine.  Either way, I'm glad of it. Here are a couple of spots she popped up this week:

Live in-studio performances (video) via twentyfourbit HERE 

A stream of her third album is currently available (also via twentyfourbit) HERE

A bit of a Temple of the Dog reunion with Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell doing "Hunger Strike" (via Ultimate Classic Rock) video HERE

Bon Iver on NPR's World Cafe HERE with a piano version of "Beth/Rest"

Awesome footage of The National at Reading (via A Heart is a Spade) HERE

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