Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday Listening- Counting Crows

Where were you in 1993?

It can be hard to remember a year.  It can be difficult to pull from your memory banks what specifically happened to you in a given month in a given year.  So, let me rephrase the question.

Where were you when Mr. Jones, Round Here, Rain King and A Murder of One were always on in the background?  When you heard lyrics like "I wanted to see you, walking away from me, without the sensation of you leaving me alone" (Time and Time Again)?  Chances are, thinking of one of these songs will conjure up specific memories, or vague feelings and emotions from that time in your life.  That's what music does- it can bubble up to the surface of your consciousness things you haven't thought of in years, feelings you missed feeling-or perhaps never wanted to feel again.

August and Everything After, the first and breakthrough album by the Counting Crows, was first released in 1993 and provided the soundtrack for many of us for the following year.  It has also, for many a Counting Crows fan, become an album that rarely leaves our normal rotation, evolving into the soundtrack for many of these years since its initial release.

In 2007, the Counting Crows performed August and Everything After live, in its entirety, at Town Hall in New York City.  This performance was recorded for a live DVD and CD, out today.

Here's a sneak peek at what's on the DVD- Adam Duritz at his best.  You can also listen to the full album, streaming now over at AOL's Full CD Listening Party HERE.


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