Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Best of Cool Music Stuff on the Internet Year To Date

Everyone loves to do year end countdown lists. And some like to do half year countdowns.  I've been seeing a lot of "best album of the year so far" type lists on the web lately, and while I don't do a lot of album reviews, I do happen to do a lot of digging around to find the best and coolest music stuff on the web.  While I occasionally talk about an album or band or songs I'm digging, I haven't done nearly enough to do a 'best of', so I decided to do a 'best of' of what I've done a lot of- finding cool music stuff on the internet.  So, dear reader, I give you:

The Best of Music Stuff We Think Is Cool Found on the Internet But Know You Don't Have the Time to Troll the Web to Find, Year To Date:

From January 21, 2011
A live performance of an Iron and Wine Tiny Desk Concert

My discovery (and hopefully yours too) of one of the best 'radio stations' out there All Songs Considered Station

From February 1, 2011
Skylar Grey sings the Love the Way You Lie demo.

From February 4, 2011
An unheard and still 'new' U2 song that they performed live in Helsinki

From February 8, 2011
Adele Live in Concert on NPR Music

From February 11, 2011
The Best Grammy Performances of All Time

Adam Duritz covers of...a bunch of awesomeness.  Adam Duritz was posting these recent recordings on twitter for a while, leaving us with some great covers and other recordings.

From February 15, 2011
The 50 Best Bob Dylan Covers. So many, you probably didn't know half were even Bob Dylan songs.

The Swell Season in Concert at the Newport Folk Festival 2010

From February 18, 2011
A blog post about "Hallelujah" and its many covers

From March 2, 2011
A soundtrack for winter

Another soundtrack for winter (from the North Woods)

From April 18, 2011
A Coachella Youtube channel

A cool blog post about the music of the amazing TV show "Friday Night Lights"

From May 6, 2011
Five Yuck Songs and the Indie Rock Classics They Sound Like

From May 16, 2011
Pink Floyd reunites in London on Comfortably Numb

From June 8, 2011
The National perform an entire set live

Death Cab for Cutie on Vh1 Storytellers

Live from Sasquatch Music Festival performances

From June 22, 2011
Bell X1 Live from Mountain Stage

So let's see...that's Iron & Wine, All Songs Considered station, U2, Adele, Adam Duritz, Bob Dylan, Swell Season, Hallelujah, Coachella, Yuck, one Pink Floyd reunion, The National, Death Cab, Sasquatch, Bell X1...and a partridge in a pair tree.  Good start, 2011. Good start.

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