Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Stuff I'm Digging- Yuck

I wish I could remember what brought me to the new band, "Yuck", but honestly, I can't remember what I had for breakfast yesterday.  Suffice it to say, however, that whatever brought me to them has some massive karmic awesomeness coming their way.

I like sifting through new music, but the frustrating thing about it is it can be like looking through the old bargain bin at Sam Goody, hoping to find one discounted awesome cassette tape. It can sometimes happen, but it ain't likely. In any case, once in awhile, really great music pops its head up out of all the mire and makes the case for why I keep looking.

That's what Yuck has been for me.  Like its 1985, and I just found the $.69 Pet Shop Boys cassette in the bargain bin.

While some hear influences of Sonic Youth, I also hear The Strokes in the hard driving guitar riffs and unique vocal distortions, a la Julian Casablancas in "Last Night" (see "Operation" below).   Occasionally, I even hear a small hint of Elliott Smith (see "Suicide Policeman" below).  The bottom line is everyone seems to hear something (or someone) different.   Perhaps it is the familiarity of Yuck's music that makes them so appealing.

Despite the familiarity, their sound is still uniquely fresh.  The up tempo songs are grinding rock songs, and their slower songs are evocative of the feeling in the air when summer turns to fall and the air just slightly begins to turn colder and more crisp (see "Stutter" below).

Anyway, enough of me telling you what I think. Have a listen for yourself:

Get Away

Operation (click to hear)

Suicide Policeman:


And here they are at SXSW this year, from NPR Music:

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