Monday, May 16, 2011

Cool Music Stuff on the Internet - Kanye West, Yuck, Death Cab, Bon Iver, Pink Floyd

I had a few different posts ready to go, but apparently Blogger had other ideas, but at least the entire internet didn't shut down...or maybe the Blogger gods just really wanted you to hear Kanye West's concert from Coachella, because he's put out the concert available for download through HERE.

Or maybe they wanted you to realize how awesome I think Yuck is as I've mentioned them a few times before, with this unheard single

There's also yet another Death Cab for Cutie single out there HERE

New Bon Iver track from the upcoming album HERE

The amazing happened in London one night last week, with Roger Waters and David Gilmour joining together onstage for "Comfortably Numb". Thankfully, someone took a video of it, because we all know this won't be happening again anytime soon.

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