Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What's the Craic! Happy St. Patrick's Day Listening!

In honor of my second favorite country and its wonderful holiday-thats-been-adopted-by-the-US-as-an-excuse-to-drink-holiday, I've put together some suggested listening for your St. Patrick's Day party.  Have a listen and add your favorites below.

The Script
Best known for their US hit "Breakeven" he Script has recently released a new album  Science & Faith that has some really unexpected tracks on it.

I thought Breakeven was going to be a one hit wonder, but the new album shows these guys have some chops.
Suggested listening: "For the First Time" and "Nothing"

Bell X1
I sometimes listen to RTE's 2fm online just to see what people are listening to in Ireland because they seem to a)sometimes have better music than us and b) seem to have it sooner than us. That is how I discovered Bell X1.
Suggested listening: "Bad Skin Day" (this is, fittingly enough, from a live performance on RTE)

"Rocky Took a Lover"

"Eve, The Apple of My Eye"

and "The Ribs of A Broken Umbrella"

The Cranberries
Break out your doc martins and dark brown lipstick people, its the 90's all over again!
Suggested listening: "Linger" 

 and of course, "Dreams"

The Corrs
Suggested listening:
"Stars Go Blue"


Damien Rice
Yup, he's from Ireland too. If you are unfamiliar, first of all, shame on you, and second, you will like him if you like David Gray or Nick Drake.
Suggested listening, "Volcano"

The Blower's Daughter

This song was first introduced to me by a group of Irish friends visiting me in New York City on St. Patrick's Day, where it was sung at the top of their lungs in a packed pub. A fitting introduction, I'd say.

 "9 Crimes"

The Swell Season/Glen Hansard
Comprised of the stars of "Once", Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova) a beautiful indie film, which won an Oscar (Best Original Song for Falling Slowly).
Suggested listening (click on song name to hear):

"Falling Slowly"

"When Your Mind's Made Up"

Bonus? A cover of them doing Into the Mystic. Amazing.

And of course, best for last--

Where to even BEGIN with suggested listening? There are simply too many to choose from. Here are a few of my favorites, but I'd say this one in particular pretty much sums them up:

"We're an Irish band....we come from Dublin City Ireland...Like all has its good, and it has its bad... this is a song called Bad"

Bad, Live from Live Aid 1985

Running to Stand Still

Red Hill Mining Town


Walk On

City of Blinding Lights

(which is from this)

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