Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cool Music Stuff on the Internet- Winter-y Songs, U2, REM, Best Covers and more

Siggghhhhhh....have I mentioned how awesome I think NPR Music is??? I no longer live in an area of deep cold, and while now 'cold' for me means 60 degrees, this blog post and accompanying single completely makes me feel like its one of those biting cold days that has a strangely strong sun and you almost don't mind it being winter. In other words...what he said. Check out the short post and the single by The High Highs, "Open Season", HERE

This NPR post reminded me of a great 'wintry' playlist posted on a blog called All Things Go. Apparently I'm in the mood for winter songs today. Check it out HERE

Also, on NPR Music (OF COURSE), they are currently streaming the new REM album, HERE

Not only is there a movie in the works about U2 (UK only, no release date in the US yet), but someone at Billboard dug up this video of U2-so-early-U2-they-weren't-even-called-U2-yet, with a Justin Beiber age looking Bono HERE.

This doesn't have any actual music in it, per se, but a spirited convo in the comments section re: the music industry v. consumer. Who's side are you on in this argument?

2 new Death Cab songs on the always awesome Stereogum, HERE

Top 10 greatest cover songs, as chosen by Rolling Stone readers.  I can think of about a million others....there might have to be a blog post on that topic soon! But for now, check it out HERE.

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